East West One Group adds value to its shareholders through the expansion of its business into forestry and timber through responsible timber operations in the Papua, Indonesia. Utilizing advanced timber harvesting and logging technologies, highly skilled and experienced human resources, and efficient workflow management coupled with local management teams have helped East West One Group towards satisfying the demand for high quality wood locally and internationally.

East West One Group’s responsible timber operations has seen an increased in market share, competitiveness of products, as well as increased revenue and improved livelihood for the local communities involved.


Environmentally friendly business practices with sustainable forest management and ethical timber harvesting and logging practices represent the core foundation where all East West One Group’s forestry and timber goals are built upon.

Every project is planned meticulously and executed in compliance with rules, regulations, principles, indicators, and criteria of forestry operations within Indonesia. East West One Group’s timber business operations are executed with the aim of also fostering a positive, synergistic and sustainable relationship with the local communities. In support of strict environmental standards aimed at bolstering transparency and curbing illicit logging, East West One Group adopts and promotes high standards in its timber operations as the group continues to be committed towards reducing global warming and being a true friend to Mother Earth.