East West One Group’s strategic partnerships in Indonesia since 2016 represents new and value-added opportunities inline with the group’s core competencies. The group’s strong local presence with the necessary experience and capabilities in marble and dimensional stone mining and extraction along with quarry management strategically aligns the group’s goals across an integrated business model that leverages upon key management and teams within East West One Group.

East West One Group’s marble quarries located in South Sulawesi, Indonesia addresses the growing demand for the natural beauty and colour tone of Sulawesi marble and such increasing demand is evident both internationally and locally. Most of the group’s marble products are sold to China and across South East Asia based on the buyer’s requirements whether in the form of blocks, slabs, or tiles.

Experienced and localized quarry mining and management teams work in accordance with all relevant safety requirements and guidelines in order to create a world-standard business that East West One Group continually develops and expands itself in.