Utilizing and maximizing every resource available to East West One Group, it is only natural for the group to undertake a bold venture into investment products leveraging on the oil palm commodity that the group has effectively and successfully managed since 2006.

East West One Group is the first group in Malaysia to operate and manage two Companies Commission of Malaysia-approved oil palm interest schemes, making the group the leading, largest and most successful oil palm interest scheme operator and manager in Malaysia in terms of landbank of almost 30,000 acres. Both oil palm interest schemes are approved under the Interest Schemes Act 2016 and are closely monitored by the Companies Commission of Malaysia in particular the progress of the group’s plantation development and operation to safeguard investors’ interests.

Continued transparent dissemination of information and investment updates to all stakeholders in respect of the group’s oil palm interest schemes has helped East West One Group become not only a successful planter’s scheme operator but also viewed by the industry as the model oil palm interest scheme operator in Malaysia.


East West One Group’s planter’s schemes offer high net worth investors a safe and secure fixed income investment in the form of planter’s blocks with attractive high rates of return. Approved under the Interest Schemes Act 2016 by the Companies Commission of Malaysia, East West One Group has two (2) planter’s schemes with each having four (4) investment categories to choose from. Average annual returns range from 8.0% to 11.0%. The planter’s blocks mature in eight (8) years and the returns are paid to investors on a quarterly basis by TMF Trustees Malaysia Bhd.

The opportunity to invest in planter’s blocks started in 2011 and has now grown to almost 30,000 acres in Sabah. Oil palms planted in 2011 have started bearing fruits and yield is on the uptrend. Since inception, over 4,000 investors have invested in more than RM500 million in the planter’s schemes.


Approved and monitored by the Companies Commission of Malaysia

Oil palm crop is fully supported by the Malaysian Government

Short investment period of eight (8) years

Fixed contractual quarterly payouts on 31st Mar, 30th Jun, 30th Sep and 31st Dec

Average annual returns ranging from 8.0% to 11.0%

Investors’ funds are managed by TMF Trustees Malaysia Bhd

Proven and consistent track record

100% repayment of invested capital at maturity

East West One Planter's Scheme

East West Horizon Planter's Scheme