Healthcare & Wellness

One of East West One Group’s business ventures is involved in the industry of healthcare and wellness industry, which was established through the passion, expertise, and professional commitment of the group’s founder – Dato’ Dr. Jessie Tang. A huge proponent and advocate of health and holistic wellness, Dato’ Dr. Jessie often stresses the importance of health and that one’s health should never be taken for granted. Her experience and former profession as a medical doctor before the founding of East West One Group saw the fruition of the group’s venture into healthcare and the formation of a holistic health and wellness centre.

East West One Group’s 7,600 sq. ft. private holistic wellness centre – Imprima Wellness Avenue, integrates a myriad of multi-disciplinary health diagnostics, detoxifications, repair interventions and rejuvenating therapies for the prevention of aging diseases of local and international clients.

'4 Steps To Wellness' Program

Capitalizing on the rising demand for international wellness tourism services, Imprima Wellness Avenue’s ‘4 Steps to Wellness’ program is a series of advanced treatment and therapeutic modalities that repair and rejuvenates the body and promote anti-ageing.

In addition, East West One Group’s dedicated laboratory used for distribution of innovative regenerative solutions through partnership with an Australian-based medical research company represents just one of the exciting launchpads toward new solutions for the betterment of health and wellness.